An Apricot Bonsai Tree

A great deal of people have heard of bonsai trees, however a lot of individuals are uninformed that bonsai fruit trees can be created, which is a basic fruit tree that has been trained to become a small size. These little trees produce fruit which is edible, however in little size. Some of the more common options include lemon, tangerine, apple, fig, peach, lime, and cherry.

The Prunus Mume is a bonsai tree that came from China, and is cultivated for its fruit and flowers. Although it is normally called a plum, it is actually closer to the apricot, and so is likewise called an apricot bonsai tree.

Flowers On An Apricot Bonsai

The flowers on the tree been available in late winter throughout January or February. Each flower has five petals and is one to 3 centimeters in diameter and are usually white, though some may have rose colored or red flowers.
The fruit ripens in early summer, typically June in East Asia. Every fruit is round with a groove running from the stalk to the tip of the fruit.

Information About An Apricot Bonsai

The apricot bonsai typically lives to be 9 years old, and grows to end up being fifteen to seventeen inches high. They are developed to be kept outdoors like common bonsai trees. The advise method to water it is to soak it in a sink or container of water up to the trunk of the tree for roughly five to 10 minutes, and after that permit it to drain later on.

If it is being watered with tap water, it is best to permit it to be watered, then to wait a couple of minutes before watering once again. This method ought to be repeated numerous times to ensure that the apricot bonsai has received enough water to help it grow.

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Where To Purchase Apricot Bonsai

Bonsai Boy of New York is a family ran nursery. They preserve exceptional item quality and offer bonsai trees and other devices at low prices. They provide a Prunus Mume for $59.95.

Blue Oak Nursery deal Prunus Mume Apricots and allow the customers to choose the size they desire, blend and match, and build their own forest of these fantastic trees. They have several nurseries around the Unites States.

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