Bonsai Tree History

The art of bonsai making is already more than one thousand years of ages. In the olden times, this practice was known as “Punsai” which means the practice of growing single specimen trees in pots. History informs us that China and Japan were the first nations that started this art of growing trees in pots. In the future, the art of developing bonsai plants were introduced to other continents like Europe and America.

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The Making Of Miniature Plants In China

The Chinese called this practice “Penjing”. According to legends, the emperor of China during the Han Dynasty wished to develop a spectacular yard that featured the hills, lakes, rivers, valleys and trees that can be found within his vast empire. To please the Emperor, his royal subjects cultivated miniature trees to fit into the style of the yard.

The Emperor was so happy with the miniature plants that he thought about the bonsai plants as one of his prized ownership. The Emperor became so obsessed with the miniature plants that he decreed that no one needs to cultivate these kinds of plants within his kingdom.

Legends have it that the Emperor ordered that anybody who keeps a bonsai plant in their ownership be put to death. Ever since, the bonsai plant was considered as an important belongings for lots of people in the kingdom for numerous generations. For several years, just the elite of China were provided the right to cultivate this plant within their homes.

Nobody can truly tell whether there is some reality to the legend however one is for sure, the art of creating mini plants is one of China’s legacies to the world. Even today, bonsai plants are still thought about an important possession by many individuals in China.

Bonsai Making In Japan

Together with the Chinese, the Japanese people affected the art of making mini plants. The art of creating mini plants was introduced to the monks of Japan around the Japanese Heian period from 794 to 1191. The Zen Buddhist started cultivating bonsai plants in their abbeys by embracing the approaches used by the Chinese.

Lots of people checked out the abbeys and were interested by the miniature plants. Soon thereafter, many people coming from the royal family started to cultivate bonsai plants in their houses, making the bonsai plant a sign of honor and prestige in the Japanese community. At present, the miniature plants still adorn the homes of the rich and effective in Japan.

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