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Tropical Bonsai Tree

Bonsai plants are plants or trees that have actually been specifically cultivated to be miniature versions of the larger trees or shrubs. This is done by the routine pruning of their roots and crown to keep their size. Bonsai started out in China and then spread outwards to the world a few centuries later on. […]

Trident Maple Bonsai

Bonsais are miniaturized versions of large trees and plants around the globe. Among the most popular bonsais is the trident maple bonsai. This is because of the spectacular foliage it has during fall and the capability of the plant to be trained well in many different styles of bonsai. The trident maple bonsai is common […]

Redwood Bonsai Trees

Bonsai is a century’s old practice of the Chinese and Japanese people in replicating natural trees in a miniaturized form and these Bonsai trees lend a great deal of beauty, charm and worth especially when they start to develop with time. There are various kinds of trees that lend them well to Bonsai and amongst […]

Juniper Bonsai Care

Juniper bonsai trees are a few of the easier bonsai trees to look after. Bonsai trees came from China centuries ago and the art of bonsai making have considering that arrived in nearly every nation worldwide. The Japanese embraced the art of making bonsai from China and it is from them that the name bonsai […]

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