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Life Of A Bonsai Oak Tree

Bonsai trees that are most popular tend to be juniper or conifer, but another excellent alternative available is a bonsai oak tree. This kind of bonsai tree grows in numerous locations, including North Africa and Europe. The bonsai oak tree tolerates seasonal temperatures from seriously low freezing to moderate summer seasons, as well as dry […]

Life Of A Flowering Bonsai

Flowering bonsai plants can be developed from seed or cuttings or also from young trees. Flowering bonsai plants require feeding, watering pruning and training at routine intervals in order for them to grow healthy. They are grown in small containers to get a desired shape by the application of wire coils. There are three main […]

Cypress Bonsai Details

The word bonsai is most closely associated by most with the growing of miniature trees, and although this is somewhat accurate, there is a lot more to it than that. A bonsai is not a genetically overshadowed plant, but rather you keep it small through correct planting and upkeep. The best combination of pot confinement, […]

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