Redwood Bonsai Trees

Bonsai is a century’s old practice of the Chinese and Japanese people in replicating natural trees in a miniaturized form and these Bonsai trees lend a great deal of beauty, charm and worth especially when they start to develop with time. There are various kinds of trees that lend them well to Bonsai and amongst […]

Bonsai Tree History

The art of bonsai making is already more than one thousand years of ages. In the olden times, this practice was known as “Punsai” which means the practice of growing single specimen trees in pots. History informs us that China and Japan were the first nations that started this art of growing trees in pots. […]

Artificial Bonsai Trees

Artificial bonsai trees are frequently mistaken for the genuine thing because of the great work that goes into making the imitations. An artificial bonsai tree is normally thoroughly crafted to look like the genuine thing. The bonsai tree was initially developed in China, however the Japanese are most carefully connected with the bonsai tree. The […]

Juniper Bonsai Care

Juniper bonsai trees are a few of the easier bonsai trees to look after. Bonsai trees came from China centuries ago and the art of bonsai making have considering that arrived in nearly every nation worldwide. The Japanese embraced the art of making bonsai from China and it is from them that the name bonsai […]

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